4 Signs You Need Drug Abuse Treatment

man showing signs of needing drug abuse treatment

There are many signs a person is struggling with drug addiction and requires treatment. Early intervention is ideal, but recovery is always possible even if a person has a moderate or severe substance abuse disorder. If you or your loved one has been struggling with addiction and has been unable to quit on their own, […]

Do I Need an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program?

group therapy during an intensive outpatient treatment program

It can be a challenge to determine the treatment program that’s right for you. One aspect of this involves the level of care that suits your present situation. The level of addiction, from mild to moderate to severe, plays a role in this decision. Many clients who choose TruHealing Gaithersburg in Maryland begin their road […]

4 Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment

patient and doctor discussing intensive outpatient treatment

Outpatient treatment is often a better option for those with mild substance abuse disorders. An intensive outpatient program (IOP) can be successfully integrated into long-term treatment plans. Outpatient treatment options are a method for clients to gain valuable support without having the stress of setting aside daily responsibilities and personal obligations to family and work. […]

Understanding the Different Levels of Addiction Treatment

woman exercising after learning the difference levels of addiction treatment programs

Many people often do not know where to begin when seeking addiction treatment because there are different levels of addiction programs. These levels vary based on the different types of services provided. The initial levels of addiction treatment are very intensive. This is often because the patient may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Addiction is a […]

6 Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment for Addiction

women discussing gender specific treatment

Substance abuse disorders affect men and women differently. Recognizing the need for gender-specific treatment, addiction treatment centers in Maryland offer men’s programs and women’s programs that are tailored to the emotional and medical needs of each gender. A gender-specific treatment program removes the distraction that can arise by being around the opposite sex. It also […]