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Individuals struggling with substance abuse issues face many challenges. At TruHealing Gaithersburg, we believe that finding the right addiction treatment program shouldn’t be one of them. According to the guidelines laid out by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, primary among the things you should be looking for is personalized care that is provided by experts in a comfortable setting. At TruHealing Gaithersburg, we offer a variety of rehab programs in line with these principles. We provide design and implement individualized treatment plans for every client in our care. And we also make sure that your care does not end when your treatment with us has finished.

Among the many addiction treatment programs that you will find at TruHealing Gaithersburg, we offer:

  • Men’s rehab center – We offer support in a gender-specific addiction treatment environment.
  • Women’s rehab center –Start your journey of recovery in a safe space with women in a similar situation to yours.
  • Partial hospitalization program – Our most comprehensive level of addiction treatment gives you the tools you’ll need for long-term sobriety.
  • Intensive outpatient program – Find the support you need as you work towards successfully reentering your life outside of our care.
  • Outpatient program – In our OP, we provide an extra layer of accountability and resources as you transition into taking care of your everyday responsibilities drug- and alcohol-free.
  • Community housing – Build your support network as you reside in a “sober-living” situation with other recovery-minded peers.
  • Aftercare program – Aftercare services offer the education and support you need to overcome cravings, temptations, or just bad days where you feel emotionally weak.
  • Client Education – Providing you with the resources, tools, and coping skills that you need to focus on yourself, your sobriety, and your future.
  • Medication Management – The process of ensuring that those who take medication are getting the best results from it.
  • Relapse Prevention – A prevention strategy begins during detox and continues through every stage of your recovery.

TruHealing Gaithersburg’s Addiction Treatment Center

Each of the addiction treatment programs on offer at TruHealing Gaithersburg is different. However, a few of the services available to all of our clients include:

Aftercare Planning

At TruHealing Gaithersburg, we understand that addiction is a disease. And this is why our primary aim is to give each of our clients the tools they need to deal with the stress and triggers they will encounter after they leave out care. Once you have left our addiction treatment programs, you will have put strategies in place that will allow you to overcome your cravings and maintain your recovery. One of the ways we do this is by maximizing the amount of time you are in a safe, supportive rehab program.

But we also focus on extending that community so that you can maintain the support you need after you have left our care. To this end, you will have a whole team of doctors, therapists, addiction treatment specialists, and case managers helping you to plan for the next steps. There will always be stressors in the world. But at TruHealing Gaithersburg, we can help you to handle them, now and in the future.

Case Management

Addiction is physically harmful. But psychologically and socially, it can be even more damaging as it isolates its victims, and so damages their relationships, finances, and employment. But at our addiction treatment center, we focus on providing you with the support you need to repair or avoid these issues. Your case manager will advocate for you, walking you through any legal or employment issues that have resulted from your addiction issues.

Safe Environment

At TruHealing Gaithersburg, every client has access to a structured, safe environment for healing. And no matter the severity of your addiction, you can create and put into practice productive daily routines. In this way, you will actively work on the life skills that you will need for the next steps in your addiction treatment while remaining focused on recovery.

Relapse Prevention

Healing from addiction is, above all, a process. There is no single, magic-bullet cure. And this means that even as you resolve some of your addiction issues, new problems and temptations will arise. Aftercare planning at TruHealing Gaithersburg focuses on providing you with the insight, tools, and strategies to deal with such issues in a healthy, productive way.

A Focus on Wellness

While you are in our addiction treatment program, you are healing physically. But to avoid relapse, it is equally essential that you heal mentally and spiritually.

In addition to a world-class rehab program, at TruHealing Gaithersburg, we provide you with a broad range of wellness services, including an emphasis on 12-step work.

And in addition to providing healthy snacks and meals, our team will work with you on nutritional education.

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When you are ready to liberate yourself from drugs and alcohol, don’t hesitate. At TruHealing Gaithersburg’s addiction treatment center, we can design and implement a treatment plan that serves your individual needs. To learn more about our addiction treatment center in MD, call us at (833) 625-0398. We can give you the tools and support you need to move forward.

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