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Once you complete rehab, you may discover that re-entering daily life is a challenge. Without the right support system in place to help you handle these challenges, your chances of relapse are high. The relapse prevention program at TruHealing Gaithersburg is designed to promote lifelong recovery from addiction and help you meet your goals. Our addiction treatment center in Maryland offers a variety of aftercare programs that create a strong support network you can lean on after rehab. Our aftercare services include an alumni program, ongoing individual therapy, support groups, holistic therapy, and resources for sober living houses. To find out more about our relapse prevention program, contact TruHealing Gaithersburg today.

What Is Relapse Prevention?

Relapse prevention combines evidence-based treatment and holistic care to identify triggers and high-risk situations that could lead to relapse during or after rehab. A prevention strategy begins during detox and continues through every stage of your recovery. The underlying purpose of a relapse prevention program is to give you full support so that you can manage your cravings and triggers in all situations. We help you rally support from your therapist, peers, family, friends, alumni, and others who are also on the path to recovery. You never have to feel alone when you are recovering from addiction. Relapse prevention is integral to the long-term recovery of many of our clients. We teach effective coping skills, which can defend against high-relapse situations, such as:
  • Being around drugs or alcohol
  • Cravings for substances
  • Suffering from mental health symptoms
  • High-stress situations
  • Pressure from friends or family members to return to use
Through relapse prevention, we can help our clients manage these temptations and give them the tools to avoid relapse. Relapse Prevention Program

Our Addiction Treatment Services in Maryland

TruHealing Gaithersburg provides comprehensive treatment for addiction through our substance abuse treatment programs. Some of the treatment services we offer include:

Outpatient Treatment Program

Not all addiction issues require 24/7 supervision and care. If your addiction is manageable, then you may want to choose an outpatient treatment program. We can design an outpatient program that is effective enough to prevent relapse but flexible enough for your schedule. You do not have to sacrifice your family or job commitments to receive quality care.

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

Addiction can affect men and women differently. Gender-specific addiction treatment addresses these differences and provides the appropriate treatment for each gender. We provide a comfortable environment where you can learn and grow with your peers without distractions.

Evidence-Based Treatment (EBT)

Evidence-based treatment is a core component of relapse prevention. EBT is grounded in scientific research and used as primary care for addiction. This type of treatment may include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing, trauma therapy, and psychotherapy.

Individual, Family, and Group Therapy

Part of your recovery involves learning new concepts and perspectives from others in different settings. Individual therapy gives you the opportunity to work one-on-one with your therapist. You will also have the opportunity to learn and grow with others in family and group therapy settings.

Aftercare Programs

Aftercare is crucial to a long-term recovery once you complete your initial therapy. This level of care is a combination of resources and programs that provide comprehensive support in every area of your life. Our relapse prevention program in Maryland includes:
  • Community housing
  • Addiction recovery resources
  • Support groups/12-step programs
  • Continued therapy

We also offer an alumni program in Maryland, which is comprised of committed men and women who have completed rehab and have demonstrated consistency in their recovery. They give and receive encouragement, accountability, and support so that others in recovery have a fighting chance. When you join the alumni program, you meet and spend time with mentors who can help you stay on track with your recovery goals. Being around positive and supportive peers can give you the motivation to stay sober. The alumni program is effective in preventing relapse after rehab.

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