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At TruHealing Gaithersburg, each staff member brings a combination of education, training, professional certifications, and hands-on experience. We approach treatment from a variety of disciplines and therapeutic modalities, allowing us to create a truly comprehensive, individualized treatment plan.

Many of our staff members are in recovery themselves and are excited to help you find the fulfillment they have found. We are real people in recovery, we have been where you are, and we are excited to help each individual find long term recovery.

Sarah Atencio

Sarah Atencio, LCPC, LCADAS

Clinical Director

I will always be a clinician at heart, but my role is more administrative as the Clinical Director. I am responsible for ensuring the integrity of our program, and making sure staff are equipped to be successful in their roles. There is nothing more rewarding than watching someone take steps to change their own life. Everyone’s story looks a little bit different, but the human experience is universal. In the eight years I have worked in the field, I have met hundreds of people I would have never otherwise met.

My favorite part of the job is being part of an amazing team! I enjoy being at work because I enjoy the people I am surrounded by. At the end of the day, I hope that I can have a positive impact on my clients and leave them better than when they arrived here.

Because the company is so large, it is rare that we cannot place a client in a facility that meets their needs. If someone needs a service we cannot provide in Gaithersburg, typically we can find another TruHealing facility that can help them. Mental health outpatient programs are hard to find, so I am happy we can provide that here. Also, you cannot find better coworkers anywhere else. They make work enjoyable!

Sarah Atencio, LCPC, LCADAS, is the Clinical Director at TruHealing Centers in Gaithersburg, Maryland. She received her Bachelor’s of Arts-Human Communication Studies from Shippensburg University of PA and her Master’s of Science- Substance Abuse & Clinical Counseling from East Carolina University.

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William Silberstein, LMSW

Assistant Clinical Director

I work with adults with substance abuse issues, anxiety-based disorders, depressive disorders, trauma, dissociative disorders, and personality disorders. I offer supportive therapy using an eclectic approach, based heavily on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), trauma-informed care, and narrative therapy. In using this base of understanding, my goal is to help clients identify and meet their own mental health needs, through validation of clients’ perspective, metacognition, and problem-solving coping skills. Undergoing this approach is my belief that everyone should be treated with dignity, listened to, and acknowledged as a valuable part of their communities. I believe every perspective matters and there is value in every person’s story and that value is lost if the story goes untold. The field of social work allows me to work with people and help them to express their stories and advocate for themselves.

It feels amazing to be a part of this company. When past clients reach out to me and talk about what is going on in their lives, that is when I know that there is some longevity and positive impact from their experience with us. I enjoy helping clients rediscover themselves. I’ve also devoted myself to understanding the areas of mental trauma, anxiety, depression, and dissociative disorders. All clients are unique, and they are more than their diagnoses. I always try to stay open minded and take the holistic approach to everyone I see.

William Silberstein, LMSW is a therapist at TruHealing Gaithersburg. Will received his Master of Social Work from Baylor University in 2021. He earned his LMSW and joined the clinical team in 2021.

Norm Friedlander

Norm Friedlander, BA, ADT

Substance Abuse Counselor

My mission is to ensure that all clients that come to TruHealing Centers are treated with kindness and respect, and I endeavor to facilitate and maintain a safe and supportive atmosphere that is conducive to their recuperation. I believe in the moral imperative “once a client always a client.” Like myself, many of the staff here are in long-term recovery. We have been there, and we get it. We believe that the opposite of addiction is connection, and we strive to connect with every person who does an intake and attends our program.

Many of the people who come to us for treatment had never heard of Gaithersburg, MD before, yet often the connection to the center and the local recovery community is so strong that they elect to remain in the area even after discharge. Seeing the light come on in a person’s eyes and the ensuing reawakening of their soul is why I never need an alarm clock to help get my day started. Working here is a privilege and one of the many gifts of recovery.

Norm Friedlander, BA, is a substance abuse counselor at TruHealing Gaithersburg. He is a lifelong Maryland resident who graduated magna cum laude from the University of Maryland and has an ADT status with the Maryland Department of Health as a primary substance abuse counselor.

Meghan Denslow

Meghan Denslow

Director of Operations

I have been working at TruHealing since early 2018. I started as a Behavioral Health Technician, transitioned to BHT (Behavioral Health Technician) Supervisor, Case Manager, and now I am the Director of Operations. Having experiences in so many different departments at Truhealing Gaithersburg, my knowledge has expanded in this field. I am also in long-term recovery, so I can use empathy and compassion to help guide our clients in a new direction.

My goal is to maintain a safe, therapeutic environment and to promote health recovery from substance abuse and mental illness. My own personal recovery drives my passion to work here and as someone who has been to treatment myself, I am passionate about giving clients the same respect and guidance that I received. I love working here because we are truly a family who supports and believes in each other. The most rewarding part of being here is seeing families reunite, frowns turn to smiles, and light come back to our clients’ eyes.

Meghan is the Director of Operations at Truhealing Gaithersburg. She graduated from Frostburg State University in 2009 with a BA in Criminal Justice and Political Science.

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Diana Gayle

Mental Health Therapist

My name is Diana Gayle and I am a Mental Health Therapist at TruHealing Gaithersburg. I have been working here for 8 months. I practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Client Centered Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, and am Solutions focused. My favorite forms of therapy working with clients are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Behavioral therapy treatment interventions.

Diana Gayle received her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Therapy/LGPC at St. Mary’s College of MD & Capella University in 2022.

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Maayan Aniti

Primary Counselor

I have been with TruHealing for 1 month. My Modalities practiced are group therapy and individual counseling. When working with clients I like to use an interactive cohesive approach, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), motivation building, and enjoy helping them to develop the self-confidence they need for their life after treatment. I want to give them a sense of themselves. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping others discover their potential to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. One of the reasons I love working here is because we offer both Mental Health and Substance Abuse programs. There are few options for clients with Mental Health issues these days, and we need more of them.

Maayan Aniti is a Primary Counselor. She graduated UMBC in 2021 with a B.A. in Psychology.

Mary Wimpy

Mary Wimpy

Case Manager

I work with clients who suffer from Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders. I offer supportive therapy using knowledge of resources in Montgomery County and surrounding areas. My goal is to provide my clients with the best quality services possible. I want to be able to assist my clients with opportunities to learn about recovery and the tools needed to work towards their goals while they are in treatment.

Mary Wimpy is a Case Manager. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. Mary Wimpy received her BS in Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland Global campus in 2021. She joined the clinical team in Gaithersburg Maryland in 2022.

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