Family Support in Recovery

a woman in recovery with family support

Drugs and alcohol do more than damaging the person who abuses substances and develops an addiction. Relationships with family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues are often damaged by the cycle of abuse. Depending on a client’s life circumstances, learning how to repair these relationships can be an integral part of rehab. At TruHealing Gaithersburg, we know […]

5 Ways Family Therapy Could Help Your Mental Health

5 Ways Family Therapy Could Help Your Mental Health

When it comes to family, there can be deeply embedded issues and challenges that can affect the mental health of your spouse, children, and other relatives. Coming to terms with the need for counseling is one of the most difficult steps in the recovery process. Of course, another complicated matter is getting the rest of […]

3 Signs Your Loved Ones Need Family Therapy

couple with child in family therapy program

When your children are happy, you have a sense of well-being and a job well done. However, it’s easy to internalize problems that your children face. Blaming yourself doesn’t help your child deal with all the pressure they are under to succeed and perform. You can actually make it worse by hovering over them and […]