How to Choose Your Drug Abuse Programs

doctor and patient discussing drug abuse programs

A drug addiction treatment program is not a quick fix. The insights you gain and the changes you make during treatment will become the foundation for your recovery throughout the challenges of sober living. TruHealing Gaithersburg offers a wide range of treatment programs for those struggling with drug addiction. Reach out to us today at […]

Is Cocaine Rehab Still Necessary?

client and therapist discussing cocaine rehab

There is a false belief that cocaine is more difficult to treat than other substance use disorders. This may have to do with an individual’s perceived functionality in everyday life or the situation in which cocaine is often abused. Stimulant use disorders, including cocaine, are treatable, and those with an addiction can benefit from personalized […]

5 Common Signs of Addiction

woman showing signs of addiction

There are many signs of drug or alcohol activity, but some or more common than others. Substance abuse disorders disrupt the life of the person using them as well as anyone who interacts with them and cares about them. If substance use has transitioned into full-blown addiction, it’s time to consider professional assistance. TruHealing Gaithersburg […]

Finding Help During National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

a doctor offers drug addiction help

One of the most difficult things people face when looking for addiction help is trying to get past all the misconceptions that persist about substance abuse. National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is a time when people get the opportunity to look beyond the myths and get the real facts about drug addiction. It’s a […]

Does My Loved One Need Prescription Drug Rehab?

therapist taking notes from patient in prescription drug addiction treatment program

Some drug addictions are easier to spot than others. If someone is using illicit drugs, it’s easy to assume they have a drug addiction. When the substance is legal, it becomes more difficult. Knowing the signs of addiction can help you determine if a loved one has an addiction that requires drug rehab. What is […]

4 Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

bottles of commonly abused prescription drugs

Prescription drugs can relieve pain and treat the symptoms of illness. However, they sometimes lead to drug abuse. Many of our clients at TruHealing Gaithersburg in Maryland struggle with prescription addition with benzodiazepines, opioids, barbiturates, and stimulants, even if they’ve been prescribed these medications by a doctor. It’s important to understand how these substances can […]

Is Alcohol a Drug?

woman considers whether or not alcohol is a drug

Is alcohol a drug? Alcohol is classified as a depressant that slows function in the brain and central nervous system. When you drink alcohol, you may experience disturbed perceptions, unsteady movement, and slurred speech. Your brain and body are unable to react quickly in any situation. Alcohol also inhibits your ability to think rationally and […]

What is the Difference Between Drug Dependence and Drug Addiction?

woman struggles with pain killer addiction

There is a fine line between drug dependence and drug addiction. However, understanding where the line is and what differentiates each can help you get the right treatment for your condition. Drug addiction treatment centers in Maryland offer recovery programs designed to help you regardless of whether you have a drug addiction or dependency. Keep in […]