4 Benefits of a Women’s Rehab Center for Alcohol Addiction

a woman is told about the benefits of a womens rehab center

Alcohol addiction takes a toll on every facet of a person’s life. It can impact your self-image, physical health, and mental well being. Additionally, when dependence forms, it is nearly impossible to stop using on your own. That’s when turning to a women’s rehab may be the best decision available. At TruHealing Gaithersburg, you will […]

Does Gender-Specific Treatment Make a Difference?

women discussing gender specific treatment

At TruHealing Gaithersburg, we understand that gender-specific treatment gives men and women a chance to build a safe space during rehab. Our women’s program lets female clients discuss intimate details such as childhood abuse, childcare, and other sensitive topics. Our men’s program focuses on breaking down barriers so male clients can get the most out […]

6 Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment for Addiction

women discussing gender specific treatment

Substance abuse disorders affect men and women differently. Recognizing the need for gender-specific treatment, addiction treatment centers in Maryland offer men’s programs and women’s programs that are tailored to the emotional and medical needs of each gender. A gender-specific treatment program removes the distraction that can arise by being around the opposite sex. It also […]