Am I Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

drugs in hand

Prescription drug addiction is extremely common. Typically, those who become addicted to prescription medications do not intend to do so. A person may begin taking medications for an entirely innocent reason such as after undergoing surgery or to treat pain related to an injury. Because of the addictive potential of some medications, especially prescription opiates, […]

New Years Resolution: Get Sober

women moving in sunset thinking about new years resolution to get soberMake a Resolution That Sticks This New Year's New Year’s resolutions are a common tradition. Many individuals choose to celebrate the holiday by vowing to live a healthier life. That might look like being more compassionate with others, eating healthier, exercising more, or getting sober. The problem with the new year, new me resolutions is [...]

How to Find Help for Drug Abuse

doctor providing help for drug abuse

It’s difficult for individuals to determine when drug use or mild dependence on a substance has become a full-blown addiction. Family, friends, and coworkers may help make someone aware that they have a problem with drug abuse and should seek addiction help. Once a person accepts that they have a drug addiction, they are already […]

Finding Help During National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

a doctor offers drug addiction help

One of the most difficult things people face when looking for addiction help is trying to get past all the misconceptions that persist about substance abuse. National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is a time when people get the opportunity to look beyond the myths and get the real facts about drug addiction. It’s a […]

What Are the Long Term Effects of Heroin Addiction?

a man suffers from long term effects of heroin addiction

The side effects of heroin can have a devastating impact on the human body. It’s not just about the physical damage. Many individuals who abuse heroin end up with mental and emotional fallouts that can last for years. It can seem impossible to pull yourself out of the spiral of heroin addiction. TruHealing Gaithersburg assists […]

Does My Loved One Need Prescription Drug Rehab?

therapist taking notes from patient in prescription drug addiction treatment program

Some drug addictions are easier to spot than others. If someone is using illicit drugs, it’s easy to assume they have a drug addiction. When the substance is legal, it becomes more difficult. Knowing the signs of addiction can help you determine if a loved one has an addiction that requires drug rehab. What is […]

4 Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

bottles of commonly abused prescription drugs

Prescription drugs can relieve pain and treat the symptoms of illness. However, they sometimes lead to drug abuse. Many of our clients at TruHealing Gaithersburg in Maryland struggle with prescription addition with benzodiazepines, opioids, barbiturates, and stimulants, even if they’ve been prescribed these medications by a doctor. It’s important to understand how these substances can […]

4 Signs of Cocaine Addiction in Your Partner

couple discussing cocaine addiction recovery

If your partner has a problem with cocaine abuse, you may wonder if they have a full-blown cocaine addiction. Learn four common signs that your loved one needs cocaine rehab to overcome their physical and mental dependency. At TruHealing Gaithersburg in Maryland, we tailor our addiction treatment program to specific drugs. In addition, each client […]

The Dangers of the Current Benzo Shortage

woman takes some Benzodiazepines regardless of the Benzodiazepines shortage

When you are struggling with an anxiety disorder of any kind, you crave relief. One of the medications doctors often prescribe is benzodiazepines. These medications have a sedating effect. Currently, though, people with severe anxiety face a challenge — a worldwide benzo shortage. The good news is that doctors have other medications to help people […]

Drug Overdose Symptoms: Understanding Risk and Prevention

silhouette of person on edge of bed dealing with drug overdose symptoms

Taking drugs always comes with dangerous side effects. Overdose is one of the most serious problems that can result from using drugs. Whether it is an accidental or an intentional overdose, knowing about drug overdose symptoms, their risk, and prevention will help prevent severe and lasting consequences. TruHealing Gaithersburg has the experienced and compassionate staff […]