Choosing a Maryland Recovery Center for Drug Addiction

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If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, there are many options when it comes to drug addiction treatment in Maryland. Finding the program that best suits your particular needs can feel overwhelming and complicated. A high-quality addiction rehab center will be accredited and properly credentialed. You should expect to be treated […]

5 Signs You Need Prescription Drug Treatment

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A common problem with prescription drug abuse is that people do not realize they have formed a dependence or an addiction before the cycle of abuse has already begun. A large number of annual overdoses and deaths occur as a result of prescription drug addiction. If you or someone you care about is struggling with […]

4 Signs You’re Dating a Drug Addict

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Signs someone has a substance abuse disorder can be subtle. Typically, we imagine a person with an addiction strung out and acting erratically. There are instances in which individuals can hide their addictions, even those they are closest to. It’s important to be aware of signs that you might be dating an addict. If you […]

What Is Client Education?

client education

Client education is an important aspect of addiction treatment and recovery. Clients and their loved ones often do not fully understand why a person has developed a substance abuse disorder and the root causes of why a person turns to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. The programs and services offered by TruHealing Gaithersburg, […]

Which Addiction Treatment Services Do I Need?

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Addiction treatment services continue to evolve. Treatment options have diversified to meet today’s needs. Treatment begins with a form of detox. Getting the mind and body to an addict’s current baseline is a key component to addressing how best to proceed with treatment. However, nowadays, we have so many options when it comes to addiction […]

Start Addiction Treatment During National Women’s Health Week

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National Women’s Health Week begins annually on Mother’s Day. In 2021, it’s May 9-15. This is an ideal moment for women to check in with their health. Women, like all marginalized groups, are disproportionately susceptible to health concerns. By some estimates, women are 50% more likely to have a mental health disorder. Data collected about […]

Embracing Addiction Recovery During Women’s Health Month

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May is National Women’s Health Month, a sensible time for all women to consider if the occasional drink has turned into a full-blown addiction. Sadly, we are often blindsided by habit formation. A new habit can be created in just two weeks. Our ability to quickly form new habits can be positive but can also […]

3 Things to Include in a Relapse Prevention Plan

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The potential of having a relapse is always present in the lives of individuals in recovery. It can happen to people who have been sober for years. Having a relapse prevention plan to fall back on can help you deal with that possibility. The presence of a relapse plan should be seen as a sign […]

4 Signs of Opiate Addiction

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Opiate abuse can be one of the hardest addictions to overcome. Opiates work by altering the way your brain perceives pleasure and pain. People might be prescribed opiates to help manage chronic pain, but keep taking them in ways other than as prescribed because they want to experience the feelings of euphoria caused by the […]

3 Common Addiction Treatment Therapies for Recovery

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Overcoming substance abuse is something to be celebrated. While you should be thrilled with your progress, there might still be challenges ahead. Staying in recovery is a lifelong process. Ongoing therapy can help reinforce the lessons you learned in rehab while helping you avoid a relapse. TruHealing Gaithersburg offers various therapies that can be beneficial […]