What to Look for in Community Housing Options

There are a number of options when it comes to community housing, and you want to be aware of the advantages and pitfalls associated with different options. In general, a community housing program is an opportunity to continue recovery in a structured environment. Community housing acts as a bridge between treatment and a return to […]

Gain Independence With Community Housing

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Community housing provides a structured environment that is safe and secure for those in recovery from addiction. Clients who complete treatment at TruHealing Gaithersburg can choose to make use of our community housing program as a stepping stone towards returning to society. In our community housing environment, which is designed to have many comforts of […]

Social Drinker vs. Functional Alcoholic

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There’s a big difference between a person who drinks exclusively in social situations and someone who is a functional alcoholic. A so-called “functional” alcoholic is a confusing term as the implication is that this individual is doing well enough. In reality, they are not fulfilling their obligations or engaging in activities to the best of […]

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

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The opioid epidemic has affected all Americans either directly or by association. If you do not know someone in your own family that has struggled with substance use issues, you likely know someone who does. Heroin addiction has been exacerbated by the introduction of synthetic opiates, like fentanyl, into mainstream use. Most individuals with an […]

Avoid These Addiction Triggers During the Holidays

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If you are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, the holidays can be an especially challenging time. Addiction triggers seem to be everywhere, tempting you to relapse. However, one of the things you learned in alcohol addiction treatment was identifying addiction triggers and developing a strategy for managing them. Festivities, family and friend connections, […]

3 Benefits of Aftercare Programs

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There are many benefits to an aftercare program. Aftercare programs are designed to help provide a safety net for those in recovery. After completing a treatment program or, if someone has recently relapsed and needs to get their life back on track, aftercare programs can assist clients by providing needed support and essential services. Reach […]

4 Techniques for a Sober Holiday Season

4 Techniques for a Sober Holiday Season

The holidays are a difficult time for many of us. The holiday season is especially difficult for those in recovery. On holidays where many people drink, it can be particularly challenging for those in recovery to face triggering situations. They might be asked unpleasant or intrusive questions during what is meant to be a pleasant […]

3 Reasons Individual Therapy Can Help Your Relationships

3 Reasons Individual Therapy Can Help Your Relationships

Individual therapy has many everyday practical uses for those who are open to making change. If you’re experiencing difficulties in your personal or romantic relationships, you may want to consider the benefits of counseling. Therapy can provide insight and self-awareness about the underlying issues causing stress and anxiety in your life. TruHealing Gaithersburg offers an […]

3 Benefits of an Alcohol Detox Center

Alcohol use can start casually, enjoying a glass of wine with dinner or having a few beers with friends. This occasional consumption is the extent of their use for many people, but unfortunately, some people have underlying issues that make them susceptible to alcohol abuse. What begins to kick back and relax becomes an unhealthy […]

The Benefits of an Alcohol Rehab in Maryland

Benefits of an Alcohol Rehab in Maryland

Treatment programs can vary a great deal. Clients who choose TruHealing Gaithersburg in Maryland do so because they expect a certain level of professionalism. They also find a safe and supportive environment and care that goes above and beyond. Clients work with the medical professionals at TruHealing Gaithersburg to develop an alcohol addiction treatment program […]