How to Tell If Someone Is on Meth

woman in therapy to overcome meth addiction

Methamphetamine, also known as meth, is an illegal drug that causes permanent changes to a person’s brain and can cause irreversible damage to their mind and body. If you or someone you care about is abusing meth, it’s best to reach out for help from an experienced team of professionals. At TruHealing Gaithersburg, we offer […]

Addiction Is a Disease

person upset because of drug and alcohol addiction

A person who has turned to drugs and alcohol use is not usually making a choice so much as giving in to a path of least resistance. It can seem easier to use alcohol or drugs as an escape from the hardships of daily life or to manage mental health issues like anxiety and depression. […]

Xanax Addiction: The Dangers, Side Effects, and Treatment

woman in therapy session for xanax addiction

Xanax addiction and overdoses have become increasingly common across the country. That’s why TruHealing Gaithersburg has developed a Xanax addiction treatment program. Our detox and rehab program is designed to meet the individual needs of our clients. If you or someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to Xanax, we encourage you to […]

How Cocaine Addiction Is Treated

man in group therapy talking about the effects of cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most commonly abused drugs in America. However, a high-quality treatment program helps people cease cocaine use and get their lives back on track. Cocaine addiction has never been more dangerous. Today, cocaine is often cut with potent synthetic drugs, including the opiate fentanyl. Combining these drugs is a recipe for […]

What Are the Purposes of EMDR Treatment Centers?

letters that spell "emdr" on pads of paper

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a type of trauma therapy that has been determined to be effective for treating a range of mental health disorders. EMDR therapy makes use of a variety of tools and techniques to replace negative associations a person has with a traumatic event with associations that do not cause […]

How to Choose a Men’s Addiction Treatment Program

men in therapy talking about How to Choose a Men's Addiction Treatment Program

There are many reasons why you may want to consider gender-specific rehab programs. If you are or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, you may want to consider a men’s rehab center in Maryland that focuses on issues that matter most to men seeking to turn their lives around and find lasting recovery. […]

When Does an Outpatient Rehab Program Benefit Me?

two women talking on couch talking about "When Does an Outpatient Rehab Program Benefit Me"

The right form of rehab is based on your particular life circumstances in the present. Outpatient rehab is often an ideal choice for those who have already made significant progress on their path to recovery. At TruHealing Gaithersburg, our outpatient rehab program in Maryland helps our clients continue their treatment and education while given the […]

How Long Do Opiate Withdrawals Last?

a woman wondering "how long do opiate withdrawals last?"

Withdrawal from opiates is similar to other depressants. Keeping that in mind, opiate withdrawal can be particularly severe when an individual has developed an addiction to particularly potent synthetic opiates like fentanyl. Suppose you or someone you love is struggling with ceasing opiate abuse in part due to the fear of withdrawal symptoms. In that […]

Avoid These Addiction Triggers During the Holidays

Family avoiding addiction triggers

If you are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, the holidays can be an especially challenging time. Addiction triggers seem to be everywhere, tempting you to relapse. However, one of the things you learned in alcohol addiction treatment was identifying addiction triggers and developing a strategy for managing them. Festivities, family and friend connections, […]

Women’s Rehab Program in Maryland

Women participating in women's rehab

Drugs and alcohol do not discriminate between men and women. They pose significant problems for both sexes in terms of jobs, family, and relationships. However, there are also substantial differences between how addiction can impact men and women. That’s why a women’s rehab center can be such a helpful resource. In a women’s rehab program, […]