Tips to Quit Drinking

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If you have noticed that social drinking or having the occasional drink has transitioned into regular or daily drinking, you may have developed an alcohol use disorder (AUD). There are numerous health consequences to AUD and alcoholism. If you have developed a drinking problem, there is no time to quit drinking like the present. Our […]

The Importance of Alcohol Treatment Centers in Maryland

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Anyone who has battled alcoholism, lived with a loved one who abuses alcohol, or has or knows someone who has struggled with an alcohol use disorder (AUD) can tell you about the toll alcohol takes on lives. Alcohol treatment centers are an invaluable resource for those who need help recovering from the traumatic effects of […]

5 Benefits of an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

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Alcohol abuse and addiction are a problem for millions of Americans. Every year, alcoholism and alcohol-related accidents claim the lives of many individuals for reasons that are preventable and treatable. An alcohol rehab program can help people who are struggling with their alcohol consumption learn coping mechanisms and life skills to turn their life around […]

3 Stages of Alcoholism

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There are many ways to approach questions about the stages of alcoholism or an alcohol use disorder (AUD). Looked at one way, you could describe alcoholism as becoming more problematic based on use. An example is a transition from occasional drinking, to moderate drinking, to heavy drinking. From a more broad perspective, which will be […]

Social Drinker vs. Functional Alcoholic

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There’s a big difference between a person who drinks exclusively in social situations and someone who is a functional alcoholic. A so-called “functional” alcoholic is a confusing term as the implication is that this individual is doing well enough. In reality, they are not fulfilling their obligations or engaging in activities to the best of […]

New Years Resolution: Get Sober

women moving in sunset thinking about new years resolution to get soberMake a Resolution That Sticks This New Year's New Year’s resolutions are a common tradition. Many individuals choose to celebrate the holiday by vowing to live a healthier life. That might look like being more compassionate with others, eating healthier, exercising more, or getting sober. The problem with the new year, new me resolutions is [...]

3 Signs Your Loved One Needs Alcohol Treatment

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Learning the signs of alcoholism can help you identify if you or someone you love is in trouble. If regular drinking has turned into alcohol misuse or dependency, early intervention is ideal. At TruHealing Gaithersburg in Maryland, we offer alcohol education and detox at our treatment center. To learn more about alcohol addiction treatment, reach […]

3 Benefits of Aftercare Programs

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There are many benefits to an aftercare program. Aftercare programs are designed to help provide a safety net for those in recovery. After completing a treatment program or, if someone has recently relapsed and needs to get their life back on track, aftercare programs can assist clients by providing needed support and essential services. Reach […]

The Benefits of an Alcohol Rehab in Maryland

Benefits of an Alcohol Rehab in Maryland

Treatment programs can vary a great deal. Clients who choose TruHealing Gaithersburg in Maryland do so because they expect a certain level of professionalism. They also find a safe and supportive environment and care that goes above and beyond. Clients work with the medical professionals at TruHealing Gaithersburg to develop an alcohol addiction treatment program […]

Can an Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Program Help My Loved One?

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Alcoholism is prevalent in the United States and affects millions of Americans. You may have heard of the concept of a “functional alcoholic,” but if you’re getting through the day, you are simply surviving and not thriving. An alcohol addiction treatment program may be able to help you or your loved one take their life […]